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Our mission is contribution to all aspects of life’s enjoyment through on-line discussion of personal and world events.  Participation by our site visitors is of utmost importance to accomplishing our stated mission.  Your comments, both publically and privately, are encouraged and will be integrated into what we offer.  Please visit and contribute to our blogs and forums.  Increase our knowledge contribution through “Squeekx” content!

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The website, “squeekx.com,” is a site dedicated to publication of useful information, discussion, and opinion through the Blog, Comment, and Forum format. Information subjects, discussion, and opinions are open for contribution and participation by the internet community. Initiating subjects and opinions are posted by the site owner and author. Subjects include: God, faith and religion, school activities, gun control, racial issues, flag issues, slavery, US Constitution, immigration, real estate, construction, home and family, finance, legal issues, historical events, and politics.

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Privacy Policy

This site does not collect information concerning its visitors. However, those advertisers whose ads appear on this site may collect various information concerning visitors to their sites when you click on their ads or visit their sites independently of the site you are now visiting. We have no control over this information collection and do not participate in its use or distribution. Much of the information they collect will be that which is necessary for proper functioning of their site during your visit.

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The information contained on the pages of this site is taken from what are believed to be reliable sources.  We, however, do not guarantee its validity, take any responsibility for reliance on it, or make any warranty implied or actual.  Those items of a legal nature are not provided as any attempt to practice law or give legal advice.  Your attorney should be consulted regarding any legal questions you may have.  The validity of any item may differ according to locale.

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