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Geronimo! Y’all….

Squeekx and Squeekerz Informing One Another

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Squeekx.Com Squeekx and My Squeeker

My Squeeker

Squeekx and Squeekerz have little in common with Twitter and its’ Tweets! Squeekx and its visiting participants, its’ Squeekerz, offer an opportunity to express and explore, in a more complete and comprehensive way, your opinions and ideas. When Squeekerz broadcast their Squeekx, they have something serious to say, something worthy of discussion and exploration and solicitation of the ideas and contributions of others. The internet community is being invited to use site “Comments” feedback to provide comments on, or to contribute to, the published articles. Pursue contribution to existing subjects or initiate your own. The goal is to generate and resolve controversy to the extent possible with the “give and take” of the internet discussion format. The presented formats allow the content capacity to fully express ideas, opinions, and attitudes and allows integration of the contribution of others. That little hash tag icon (#) of Twitter and Tweets reminds me of bars and imprisonment of ideas and people and binding them to a single, controlled, purpose, and forcing fragmentation of discussion. We would like to adopt the Ampersand (&) as our icon of format for Squeekx and its’ Squeekerz.

Squeekx, Our Ampersand (&) and its’ Meaning

Our Ampersand (&) reminds me of something to follow (thought x and thought y), each thought or idea forming a link of thoughts in a continuing chain. The chain is made up of endless links growing larger as more and more participants contribute. So, if you want to be relevant and contribute to the world of ideas and problem solutions, become one of this website’s Squeekerz and participate in the Squeekx Blog. Connect with friends and shared interests all over the world. Visit our content pages and posted articles and post your comments to increase your knowledge and contribute to the knowledge of others.


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